Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is one of the higher-education institutes of Science, Research and Technology Ministry that was founded in Oct. 2005. This institute uses and organizes financial and human resources for accepting students in various levels of higher national associate, non-continuous bachelors, continuous bachelors and masters’ degrees; and tries to complete its faculty in new required fields and in post-graduate educations in order to become a renowned university nationally and internationally.
The scientific position and valuable experiences of the members of the founding board, the board of trustees and the staff of the institute are valuable assets that can be used to achieve the vision in the near future.
Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is an organization that helps scientific advancements as well as province and country development via training specialist, committed, efficient and entrepreneur human resources, likewise offering consultancy and research services to society and industries.

  • Continuous improvement of practical education and research service quality

  • Achieving national and international achievements

  • Oriented development of activities with special focus on human sciences, engineering and technical sciences, and arts

  • Improving the indexes of research, technology and innovation in the institute

  • Enjoying committed, capable and creative human resources

  • Interaction and cooperation with scientific, cultural, industrial and service centers

  • Gaining a good share of entrepreneurship activities

  • Upgrading the role of the institute in the province

  • Diversifying services and application of education and research

Our VisionBecoming a top provincial, outstanding national and active international institute


Membership in the International Association of Universities

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is the 22nd domestic university and the first non-profit university in Iran that has joined this International Association after passing the appraisal procedures.

This association gathers over 637 well-known universities of 137 countries for discussing various topics of higher educations in addition to offering practical methods to universities.

This association is headquartered in Paris as an affiliate of UNESCO.

The Selected University of ICT Ministry

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute has been awarded by The Deputy Director of Educations in Research, Science and Technology Ministry as one of the 8 top active institutes in the field of vocational training among 290 non-governmental universities and higher-education institutes; thanks to its continuous efforts in developing knowledge and entrepreneurship attitudes in educating its students. Consequently, the university gained the license of implementing The Plan of Developing Employability of Bachelors Students nationally.

Has the consultancy position of United Nations

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute gained the consultancy position of United Nations, which indicates the non-stop effort and the high goal of this institute in interacting with the world and introducing the insight and standpoint of welfare organizations to the world.
Obviously according to this position, Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is able to attend all global seminars and meetings; and introduces its welfare visions to the world as a formally renowned reference by UN.

Special Benefits

Scholarships and discounts for top students

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute offers up to 50% tuition discount to top students in addition to scholarships during their educations, so they can focus on gaining skills and knowledge without any financial concern.

Technology incubator Center

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute equipped its technology incubator centers in Art and Architecture Campus, and offers them to the companies and scientific, industrial and research centers under the supervision and support of Science and Technology Park.

Offering Work Offices to Graduates

Imam Javad Higher Education Institute equips the rooms of Art and Architecture Campus, and offers them to graduates with little rentals for starting their business under the institute support.

On campus Dormitory for Women

In Oct. 2009 a dormitory with enough capacity for 60 women was inaugurated beside the institute, which is assigned to female students.

Holding Vocational and In-Field Courses

With the help of university Entrepreneurship Center and the cooperation agreements with active companies in various fields, vocational courses are held for students.

Access to top knowledge bases

Free access of domestic and international scientific portals has been provided for facilitating the research activities of students and faculty.

Education for Life




Continuous Bachelors


Non-continuous bachelors



Do you know that in Imam Javad Higher Education Institute…?

  • Installment plans are available for tuitions?

  • Education cost is lower than Azad Islamic University?

  • Student loans are available with low interest rates?

  • Thanks to the relationship between university and industry, 80% of the alumni find positions in specialist professions?

  • Consultancy center offers services to students with special discounts?

  • In addition to theoretical classes, vocational and technical courses are available?

  • The internet traffic for using e-learning portal is free of charge?

  • Like state universities, the graduate degree is issued by Science Ministry and you can translate it for foreign applications?

Organizational Structure