School Introduction

Since founding Imam Javad Higher Education Institute in 2005, Industrial Management has been among the institute’s programs. Over the course of time via recruitment of committed faculty members, along with focusing on diversification and acceptance of new students, new Management programs in different fields were launched, in a way Management School was established in 2020. This school has three divisions (Financial, Business and Commerce) and 13 active majors.
This school has 4 Master’s programs (Commerce Management- e-commerce, Human Resources Management- Strategic Management of Human Resources, Business Administration- Financial, Entrepreneurship Management- Tourism); six Bachelor’s programs (Financial Management, Insurance Management, Banking Management, Commerce Management, Industrial Management, Small-businesses Administration); two non-continuous Bachelor’s programs (Commerce Management, Industrial Management); and one Associate program (Administrative Affairs).
Management School currently relies on the knowledge, skill and experience of 7 faculty members. Additionally, Management School enjoys an active research group in the field of Human-Sciences, which motivates students and professors interested in participation in research projects.