Yazd Imam Javad Higher Education Institute got the permissions of holding national MSRT tests from Student’s Affairs Organization, and TOLIMO from Sanjesh Organization in Yazd province in 2004. Afterwards, it gained the license of holding international TOEFL and GRE tests in 2017 and 2019 respectively from ETS Institute in USA. Gaining those valuable licenses by this institute is a crucial step towards internationalization of universities in the province.
The Language Center of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute currently conforms with the latest ETS Institute in USA, and is the only holder of international English language tests in the southern and east-southern regions of country. In addition to Yazd province, this university meets the needs of applicants from other provinces such as Kerman, Sistan Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Fars and South Khorasan.
Asides from holding national and international language tests, this center hosts specialist workshops and seminars, as well as specialist preparation courses for national tests such as MSRT, TOLIMO, EPT and the specialist course for preparing before international TOEFL test.

Special Services

  • Holding national English language tests (MSRT and TOLIMO)

  • Holding international English language tests (TOEFL and GRE)

  • Holding specialist courses for national tests preparation

  • Holding specialist courses for international tests preparation

  • Holding specialist workstations and seminars for national and international English language tests

  • Holding pre-tests

Equipment of Test Center

Education for Life

Language Center Director

Ali Farhaneh

  • Master’s Degree of Entrepreneurship Management from Tehran University and Medical Engineering from Amir Kabir Industrial University

  • +98 353 833 5334

Introduction of National and International Tests

TOEFL International Test


TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language abbreviates into TOEFL. This test measures people’s capabilities for communicating in English language at academic level. This test was launched in 1964 by ETS Institute in USA. This is one of the top most reliable worldwide tests accepted in over 10,000 universities and academies of 130 countries as the enrollment pre-requisite for international students. In Iran, Health Ministry and Science Ministry accept this test as one of the prerequisites of higher-educations.
The applicants attend the test hall in the assigned dates, in addition to attending TOEFL Internet-Based Test known as TOEFL IBT. Unlike the old TOEFL tests that focused mostly on grammar, the new test evaluates people’s skills in note-taking, comprehension, integrating the written and audible contents into a single writing, and also a good command of communication with English speakers. This test experienced significant changes since 1 August 2019 with the aim of facilitation. Those changes were widely welcomed.
TOEFL tests includes 4 segments, each one with 30 marks. It measures the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. It lasts almost 3 hours. The total score is calculated out of 120. Gaining over 80 marks in this exam (equal to 550 points in paper-test) is often regarded as a high-pass.
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GRE International Test

GRE stands for Graduate Records Examination, which estimates the capabilities and knowledge of graduates in order to let them enter higher educations. This is one of this international English language test is accepted in 160 countries for measuring the triple skills of mathematical calculations, comprehension and article-writing in a technical way. This test is held by ETS institute.
GRE is a harder test than IELTS and TOEFL, and consequently of higher credits. This test includes 3 segments: Analytical writing, verbal reasoning and mathematical logics. Receiving 315 scores is the acceptable grade for most universities. GRE certificate is valid for 5 years.
Based on categories of academic fields, GRE is held in two types of “Subject” and “General”. Students should review the qualification requirements of their target university before determining their exam type. GRE General test is held every week in permitted institutes, but GRE Subject is held only 3 times a year in September, October and April.
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TOLIMO National Test


TOLIMO stands for The Test of Language by the Iranian Measurement Organization. This is one of the standard tests for placement of students in terms of English language. This test is held in Iran by Sanjesh Organization. The certificate is valid for PhD exams of domestic universities (both Azad and state universities). The test procedure starts at 8:00AM on the announced day. Applicants should bring one or two valid identification cards such as Smart National Card, ID with photo, passport, driving license or army-service completion card for men. Applicants should attend the exam place at 7:30AM. If an applicant does not arrive on-time before the start of test, or if they have more than 15 minutes’ delay, this causes them to be dismissed from the test.
Sanjesh Organization has designed and launched the electronic test software as well. This software is currently used for TOLIMO tests. TOLIMO electronic test has the same segments as the paper-test, without any difference in terms of test contents.
This test includes 105 multiple-choice questions in 3 segments of writing structure and articulation, verbal and listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. The applicants should answer the questions in 80 minutes. There is also a written essay test with 30 minutes’ time for writing the essay on paper or in the computer for electronic tests. The pass mark of this exam is from 310 to 607. After calculating the total mark of each segment, the median score multiplied by 10 will define the total mark.
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National MSRT Test


MSRT stands for Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This English language test is held by Students’ Affairs Organization of Science, Research and Technology Ministry. This test is held almost 10 times a year in most of Iran major cities. This is sometimes titled as “Little TOEFL Test”, and its references are the same as paper-based TOEFL.
This test is required for PhD students of domestic universities, as well as the master’s students who intend to go abroad for continuing their educations. Most applicants of MSRT exam are PhD candidates, because having a language degree is necessary for entering doctorate programs. Both Health Ministry and Science Ministry accept MSRT certificates.
MSRT exam is held in 110 minutes with 30 listening questions, 30 grammar questions and 40 comprehension questions. The test does not have any negative mark. If someone gives more than one answer to a question, that question will not receive any mark. The minimum acceptable mark for PhD entrance is 50. Different universities might accept different marks between 45 to 75.
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Available Tests



TOEFL Pre-Test and Its Benefits

TOEFL pre-test in the Language center of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is held with the help of official TOEFL institutes in Iran with highest standards and similarity with the main exam. According to Corona pandemic and required hygienic protocols currently the pre-tests are held with limited capacity. Applicants might call us at +98 (35) 38335334 for further information.

The Long-Format of Pre-Tests

In the main exam, applicants need to answer extra questions in one of the skills of reading or listening. These extra questions are simulated in the long-format simulated exams of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute Language Center.

Complete conformity with the changes of August 1

The pre-test software has various segments for reading, listening and speaking; all aligned with latest changes of the real exam.

Offering Analytical Log-Sheet

The pre-tests are reviewed and corrected in two or three phases by the expert team and professors who are acquainted with the environment and structures of TOEFL. The analytical log-sheet is prepared 3 to 5 days after the exam.

Unique Archive of Questionnaires

The pre-test questions are authored by gathering most reliable references, with the help of most expert professors in the country, and applying the current standards of the real exam; instead of using the publicly available question banks such as TPO.

Complete conformity with the main exam software

The pre-test TOEFL software simulates the interface, color, font, appearance, icon arrangement, voice test, messages and the timer of real-exam software.

Physical and Hardware Conditions Similar to the Main Exam

The pre-tests are held in the hall of TOEFL main exam, with the same procedures of the main exam. This helps prepare the applicants for the real test.


The exams are held in the main site of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute in Yazd.

Only one valid identification document is necessary for the exam: ID, national card, passport or driving license. Do carry more than one identification document, in case you need it for urgent situations.

No, it is necessary to bring the printed card with you.

No, it is necessary to bring the printed card with you.

For MSRT test: 60 minutes
For TOLIMO exam: 45 minutes
For TOEFL and GRE: 45 minutes