In order to expand scientific-international cooperation and promote the global position of the Imam Javad Higher Education Institute, the International office was established in September 2021. The most important goal of this International office is to promote the international position of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute and to have an effective presence in the global science and technology production cycle, which is achieved :through the following strategies

  • Expand international educational cooperation
  • Strengthen and develop international research and technological cooperation

  • Optimization of infrastructure and processes of international cooperation

Head of International Office

Fereshteh Sadeghieh

Fereshteh Sadeghieh spent her primary education in Cardiff, Wales, England, and continued her undergraduate and graduate studies in Architecture Engineering at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Yazd University, and also studied a year at Liverpool College, England. She completed her Master’s thesis in rural housing with a focus on revitalizing its identity. In 2013, she started teaching at Imam Javad Higher Education Institute.

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