In accordance with the general and strategic policies of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute, the research unit of this center with the aim of expanding and developing research and technology, organizes the research activities of faculty members, creates a suitable research platform, promotes applied research in accordance with the needs of society and industry, concluding research contracts and monitoring and evaluating research projects. In this regard, while eliminating the existing problems and facilitating the research, necessary measures have been taken to encourage the faculty members.
In order to set up and develop research groups and spread the research approach among faculty members, research groups to study Human Resources and Systems Dynamics was organized with the aim of developing and publishing scientific articles and upgrading the research level of the institute, empowering and developing the knowledge of research group members, holding scientific events and educational workshops, establishing continuous communication between society, industry and university, providing advice and solving problems of public and private organizations.

Research Groups

Human Resource Studies

Systems Dynamics