Cultural Unit was launched in 2009 as an independent unit under the supervision of Dean’s office, in three areas of cultural, student and consultancy in the institute. Each area focuses on different duties. Many extra-curricular activities; including sports, football and volleyball contests, talent-hunting courses for university teams; for both students and staff members; are promoted by Cultural Unit; likewise registering their activities in the portals of relevant ministries, including all cultural and art activities, extra-academic workstations, exhibitions, meetings, etc.

Activity Areas

Special Services

  • Paying tuition loans to application students every semester

  • Holding creational and pilgrimage tours in various times of the year

  • Cooperation and supporting the formation of student institutes for cultural, sport and art activities

  • Providing food with proper quality and price, compared to other universities, including special food menu such as Chelo Vaziri (high-quality boiled rice), Akbar Joojeh (roast chicken), Chelo Qezel (rice with trout fish), etc. With pre-planned prices

  • Building dormitory and offering dormitory services to student women inside university, and introducing student men to self-contained standard dormitories in the whereabout of university

Related Portals

Self-service Automation

Students’ Welfare Fund

Students’ Portal of Welfare Fund

Education for Life

Cultural and Student Director

Mojtaba Hojati

  • BA Degree in Quranic Sciences from Javadol-Aemmeh Center

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

Student Associations

Basij (corps)

Since Oct. 2010

Camping and insight tours and Salehin (ethical) Circles are held in the form of extra-curricular classes, extra-academic activities, consultancy, free-thought chairs, discussion panels, journals, etc. which are all among Basij activities.

Music Society

Since Oct. 2012

This society holds music courses and sends students to various festivals. It also coordinates playing music in many events and ceremonies.

Etrat Quran Institute

Since Oct. 2011

Training courses for reading and learning Quran in university and dormitories; university-wide contests of Holy Quran in different segments are all planned by this institute.

Photo and Movie Society

Since Oct. 2013

This society holds photography classes, movie criticizing events and other relevant programs.

Qoqnous Poetry Society

Since Oct. 2011

This society holds poetry-nights, Hafez-reading and other programs in the field of poetry and literature based on various events.

Syndicate Association

Since Oct. 2011

This association holds extra-academic programs, and handles syndicate challenges of students in university, dormitory, etc. this association is the most active student society.

Fatemioon Student Assembly

Since Oct. 2010

Various camping and insight tours; student religious ceremonies and meetings; planning event-based lectures; visiting the martyr gardens, etc. are planned and handled by this assembly.

Theatre Society

Since Oct. 2012

This society holds theatre and performance classes. It also attends various festivals and coordinates theatre programs in many events.

Pars 7 Group

Since Oct. 2012

This group provides and publishes a student journal (Avang Audio Journal) for the first time. It also holds various events. This group is currently inactive.

Ghasedak Group

Since Oct. 2012

This group holds diverse student extra-curricular programs and publishes different journals.

Thinking Society

Since Oct. 2011

Handling extra-curricular programs, publishing student journals of Thinking Society in various fields are included in the activities of this society.

Sport and Happiness Society

Since Oct. 2018

This society holds sport events and contests, selection programs for student teams, sending university teams to provincial leagues.

Special Programs


University often holds tours between the two semester, and proclaims the time-table in advance.

The conditions and amount of student loans are different every year according to the guidelines of National Welfare Fund. As a rule, student loans are around 60% of a complete term tuition. Students might submit their applications to Student Affairs. It is necessary for students to check official communication channels and announcements of university.

Student women can use the women’s dormitory on university campus. In order to facilitate student life, Dormitory charges have been kept very low and affordable. The charges and rates are announced every term after final approval of authorities. University introduces student men to nearby dormitories, which have different charges according to their facilities.

By submitting student card number and recharging the coupons in Self-service Portal, students can order food for up to one month in advance based on their preference and class schedule. They might also cancel the order one day before the due date.

Every student can easily create a student society or association via Cultural Student Affairs, and start their activities. Only the student societies with significant activities might be introduced as university student representatives in their relevant areas.