University library was launched in 2005. This library is the only known social entity that provides book-reading facilities and promotes book-reading in university. University library is not a goal per se, but it is a tool for serving the society. University library is part of the educational, research and studying systems of university, as the main reference for addressing the information needs of the academic society. The library archives most recent information references in different subjects and categories. Gathering, classification and provision of required scientific references and textbooks are among library duties.
Computers are increasingly transforming modern libraries. Knowing that, libraries are developing a clear vision of turning into knowledge-production centers in the near future.
University library has a beautiful and large area, and offers services to students in different segments such as book-lending, men’s and women’s reading halls, etc. The integration of library and Uni-KAR unit is a crucial benefit. The cooperation of those two together leads to promoting book-reading culture among students and even professors. There are almost 13,000 books in the library, and this number is increasingly updating. Thanks to digital registration and up-to-date equipment in the library, students and professors can use the books and magazines easily in the library. By changing the library archive from a closed archive into an open one, the library tries to create trust between students and authorities. This makes the library a highly dynamic environment.


Special Services

  • Countrywide interlibrary book-lending

  • Helping the research and educational programming in university

  • Design and improvement of guidelines, regulations and methods

  • Gathering a rich archive of scientific and specialist books, textbooks and reference books

  • Gathering Farsi and foreign books, periodicals and publications

  • Programming the guidelines and regulations of library services and Uni-KAR unit.

  • Giving online and offline information about references to all visitors including students, professors, staffs and outer visitors

  • Using modern archiving and access techniques, and taking advantage of advanced IT for optimizing the performance of human and other resources; with the aim of faster information sharing, better access and active service provision

Education for Life

Library Director

Fereshteh Sadeghiyeh

  • Master’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from Yazd University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 255)

Library Expert

Library Expert

Mona Razaghi

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Clothing Technology and Design


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 255)

Samira Samei

  • Bachelor’s Degree in library and information sciences


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 255)

Special Programs

Holding the exhibition of second-handed books

This exhibition was held in 2014 and 2016 in ibstitute’s lobby with the aim of selling second-handed books. Students could sell their books in the exhibition, in addition to buying their required books.

Planning a tour for university staffs in Books and Book-Reading Day

On the Memorial Day of Books and Book-Reading, in 2018 the board of directors and staff members had a visit to the library archive. This program was welcomed by the staff.

Planning tours for the students of Javadolaemmeh School

For making the students of Javadolaemmeh School familiar with Imam Javad Higher Education Institute, and knowing how to sign up in the library, every year there are student tours to the library.

Honoring Psychology Division

According to the vast and active usage of the library books by the students and professors of Psychology Division, the head and expert of this division were honored on Books and Book-Reading Day by gifting valuable books to them.

Software Dissertations
Accounting and Management
Science and Technology
Clothes Design and Sewing
Specialist Journals


The library work hours align with the work hours of university. After Corona pandemic, the work time is 8:00 till 13:00. In non-pandemic days it is 7:30 till 19:30.

Since October 2021 new students are automatically subscribed in the library when enrolling in university. For outer visitors, if they are from Javadolaemmeh group, they need an introduction letter, a piece of personal photo and a 10,000-Toman deposit receipt. Free visitors require an introduction letter, a piece of personal photo and a 15,000-Toman deposit receipt.

Two books for BA students and three books for MA students.

For each time of borrow, you can keep the book for two weeks. You can renew this period for one week by a phone call or personal visit.

You can extend the book borrow period for one-week every time. If nobody reserves the book in that period, you can re-borrow the book. For each day of delay, you need to pay 500 Tomans penalty per book.

BA dissertation delivery deadline depends on the field of study. You need to ask the deadline from your division. The dissertation might be given to the library in the form of a CD, bound sheets, or even laminated sheets.

About MA dissertations you need to give one bounded volume and two CDs in the forms of Word and PDF files.

By requesting the title of article in one of the websites of Civilica or Magiran, library officers download the required article and deliver to the applicant.