Imam Javad Higher Education Institute Deputy Dean of Cultural, Alumni and Entrepreneurship Affairs considers the institute’s mission to develop monotheism insight, as well as promoting spiritual life and ethics through creating a suitable environment that develops and fosters student potentials and talents, and tries to make students increasingly more aware of humanity morals and values. Additionally, with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of students in both qualitative and quantitative aspects, tries to provide increasing student benefits that facilitates healthier student life. Providing opportunities of student participation in various religious and cultural activities; maintaining a healthy student environment in all financial, spiritual and emotional aspects; developing cultural activities in the framework of right beliefs and principles; enjoying a beautiful and attractive campus; preparing a happy and refreshing environment for training and developing efficient, committed and entrepreneur human resources; together with promoting realization of religious and Revolutionary culture in various student levels are among other activities of this director.

Vice Reactor

Abbas Zargarchi

  • PHD student in Architecture from Khatam University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

  • Yazd

Education for Life

Main Duties

  • Supervision of cultural, political and social activities in the institute

  • Planning for improving the usage of art and cultural facilities by the institute members

  • Supervision and development of relationships among faculty members, students and staff members of the institute

  • Planning and supervising extra-curricular activities for fostering art and cultural potentials of students

  • Appraising the overall conditions of beliefs, behaviors and political viewpoints of the institute members and reporting to the board of directors

  • Planning for development and promotion of ethics, ideological and cultural training through required courses and classes

  • Studying and making decisions about student challenges and problems

  • Supervision and planning health, wellbeing and related consultancy

  • Supervising the formation of scientific association in colleges and their elections and activities continuously

  • Suggesting the required programs to cultural and student councils, and tracking the implementation of related duties

  • Provision and proposal of student guidelines with the help of relevant authorities, and supervising their proper implementation

  • Providing incentives for institute members for participating in social, scientific, cultural and political activities in society

  • Supporting entrepreneurs as examples for students

  • Planning and policy making for the apprenticeship of students

  • Giving consultancy to department chairs and motivating them to establish applied inter-disciplinary courses

  • Doing required correspondence for introducing students to institutes and state organizations for apprenticeship and internship

  • Facilitating technology transmission from academic centers to other sectors in society

  • Planning to promote entrepreneurship morale among students and faculty members and motivating them towards applied researche

Former Vice Reactor

Mohammad Sepehr

Master Degree in Economic SciencesYazd University

Vice Reactor of Cultural, Alumni and Entrepreneurship Affairs

 Since 2011-2017