The Institute’s Entrepreneurship Center was launched in 2009 with the aim to develop entrepreneurship culture among professors and students, likewise increasing the skills and capabilities of university graduates. Knowing that, over the course of past years with the full support of the instiutute’s board of directors; the center could hold many workstations, courses, events, tours, etc. This fosters the student skills in every field of study. The Entrepreneurship Center supervises the scientific associations as well; through accurate and oriented programming; so to attract interested students to scientific activities. This center held many tours, festivals and serial-meetings.
According to the domestic and global scientific, educational and research advancements in the recent years, Imam Javad Higher Education Institute as a third-generation entrepreneur university has serious emphasize on the activities of Entrepreneurship Center. Not only do they support creative students and ideas, but also they launched the Innovation Center as a shot in the arm for applicants, professors and students interested in creating new businesses. Moreover, this institute takes advantage of the high capacity of its professors and board of directors for creating good networks with the Commerce Chamber, industries, mines and agricultural companies in Yazd Province. The Entrepreneurship Center of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute is currently a member of Iran’s Science and Work Center; which helps interested alumni to pass their in-field training and apprenticeship periods in various factories.
With the support of esteem students and professors, this center hopes to take large steps towards the goals of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute and development of hard-working capable entrepreneur students.

Special Services

  • Holding in-field training courses

  • Holding workshops, webinars and seminars

  • Holding training and cultural events

  • Holding vocational courses

  • Membership in Entrepreneurship Association and Iran’s growth-centers

  • Supporting the entrepreneur ideas of students and professors

  • Consultancy for the business ideas of students and professors

  • Introducing qualified students to apprenticeship courses

  • Participating in national and provincial entrepreneurship events

  • Participation and membership in Science and Occupation Center with the aim of realizing province’s development goals

Education for Life

Top Entrepreneur Event
Book-Reader Event



Top Entrepreneur and Successful Trader

This event aims to promote entrepreneurship attitudes and introducing entrepreneurship procedures to students. The best national and provincial entrepreneurs are invited to the event for a friendly chat where they explain their entrepreneurship story, experiences, and their reasons of failure and success..

Mr. Seyyed Ali Salar

Seyyed Ali Salar is currently the CEO of Khoshnakh Spinning Corporation in Yazd. He has a long practical reputation as the head of board of directors in Sepehr Kavir Yazd Company, head of board of directors in Persian Pooshesh Polymer Company, head of Chemical and Polymer Association in Yazd Industries House, member of board of directors in Yazd Province Commerce Chamber in the 8th period, member of representatives committee in Iran’s Commerce Chamber. He was invited to the institute in 8 march 2018.

Mr. Asghar Nabil Engineer

Asghar Nabil, the exemplary entrepreneur of the country in tourism industry, the head of Tourism Special Commission in Entrepreneurs Society of Yazd Province. He was invited to the university in 13 Nov 2018. Mr. Nabil told the story of his professional life. Other entrepreneurs explained about the province’s potentials for tourism. This event had unexpectedly large audience.

Ms. Fatemeh Khodadadi

Fatemeh Khodadadi, the head of tetitextile Company has passed her academic educations under supervision of Ms. Soodabeh Mozaffari (one of the best professors in country in the field of art) and passed her apprenticeship in real business. Not only could she gain the top rank in practical and theoretical exams of master’s degree, but also she could develop his practical experience. She was invited to the university in 5 March 2019. She thinks her clear goals, hard-working attitude and interest in her specialist field of study were the reasons of her success.


In Book-Reader advocacy program, every month a book is selected as “The Book of Month” by Entrepreneurship Center. In the end of month, the Book of Month is discussed in a meeting. The book readers are invited to discuss, criticize or make comments about the book. In the end, the best comment receives a gift.

 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Ms. Gholamrezaee

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is one of the best reference books, not only in the field of business but also, in the field of success. This book focuses on psychological issues. The book explains seven habits of highly effective people that are so influential in personal development.

Professor Love

Dr. Morteza Mahmoodi

Professor Love is the story of Professor Hesabi’s volatile life. All along his life, he teaches us how to be a strong believer and a determined person. This is the story of a man who; via hard working and strong beliefs, in addition to the trainings of a devoted mother; could overcome all problems in life. He never became disappointed.

From Bed to The Manager’s Desk

Dr. Morteza Mahmoodi

From Bed to Manager’s Desk is a book that explains how physical conditions of people influence their performance in work and life. In hard work conditions, only those who are physically stronger and healthier than others, might overcome the barriers and withstand the difficulties for achieving the success.

Special Programs

Scientific Tours

The tours from companies and centers are held according to the application of various divisions and the suggestion of Entrepreneurship Center; in order to familiarize students with work places and the experience of business owners.

Graduation Party

Every year in May, at least 800 people, including graduates and their guests, celebrate the graduation together. In addition to honoring the top students, scientific associations might hold cultural and recreational programs for 6 hours.

Students' Day Memorial

This program is held every year in October with almost 600 students with the help of Entrepreneurship Center and scientific associations. During the program, 3 of martyr students in addition to the current top students are honored.

Mashgh Maeeshat (Life Practice)

This event was held in Nov. 2019 with 120 attendee students for 3 days in Art and Architecture Campus, in order to make the new generation acquainted with Iran’s rich culture and old traditions, as well as ancient life styles.

Tavana (Capable) Program

This event was held for 6 days (50 hours) in July 2019 with the help of Sharif Industrial University of Tehran and presence of top country professors, with the aim to improve entrepreneurship capabilities of students.

Educational tour to Turkey for tourism students

This event was held in August 2018 in order to introduce the tourism potentials and attractions of Turkey. Dr. Akbarpour and Dr. Farid Dolatabaadi led the tour and trained the team in the course of journey.


You can visit the entrepreneurship center and fill in the cooperation application form.

The announcements are published in university’s official Telegram channel and the official Entrepreneurship Center Instagram page with this id: Karafarini.iju