The set of workstations for clothes design and production in Imam Javad Higher Education Institute were officially launched in 2010. This entity was entitled Javan Production later on. It includes four workstations. The space of each workstation is designed for the normal work of 15 students. In the sewing workstation and embroidery workstation there are cutting tables, electrical scissors, professional sewing machines, ironing tables and other usual workstation facilities. The specialist Moulage Workstation has models in various sizes for usage by students. The printing workstation includes dark-room, light-table, printing table and the required devices and chemicals for printing. In the course of semester, all students work under supervision of experts for learning pattern-illustration, sizing, cutting, sewing, ironing, printing and decorating clothes in the workstations of Javan Production. The workstations try to do business at the same time.

Special Services

  • Giving the required tools and facilities for the practical training in the courses of all levels

  • Gaining experience according to the interests of students under supervision of professors in practical courses such as Apprenticeship and Final Project

  • Using the available facilities for handling business orders without devoting the educational goals

  • Selection and maintenance of top student works for future usage

Education for Life

Javan Production Director

Bayeneh Olia

  • Master’s Degree in Handicrafts from University of Art-Tehran

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 299)

Delivered Projects

Design and Production of Uniforms for Boy and Girl Primary Schools

After receiving the order of uniform design from several primary schools for boys and girls in 2013, the institute held a student uniform design and sewing contest. Over 50 designs participated the contests. The top selected designs were prototyped by the designer students.

Design and Production of Boy Uniforms for Javadolaemmeh School

After selecting one of the top designs by Design and Sewing Division, it was used for delivering the order of Javadolaemmeh Primary School. Students started the procedures of sizing, pattern-illustration, print, cutting and sewing of 800 uniforms in 1393, and 1000 uniforms in 2015.

Custom Design of Work Uniforms

One of the university professors received an order in 2016 for 200 blouses and trousers for a workplace were designed and produced according to the available prototype. Fortunately, the superb fabrics and the nice sewing quality of blouses and trousers were greeted by the end users.

Custom Design of Kitchen Fabric Sets

In 2017, according to the needs of market and investment of private sector, this order was produced in a limited volume. Each set included 14 items with superb quality. All the kitchen fabrics were cotton, without any polyester materials.

Design and Production of Graduation Clothes and Hats

According to the order of institute’s Vice President in 2018, 150 graduation uniforms were produced. Before production procedure, student ideas and designs were received in a student contest. The top selected design was implemented in the end. The produced clothes can be offered to student groups or individuals.

Design and Production of Work Jackets

In 2018 and 2019 according to the received orders and the special needs of jacket user, a special jacket was designed; which was different and outstanding compared to the already available samples in the market. All production, cutting, printing and sewing procedures were handled by students in the institute’s production center.

Special Programs


Yes, Javan Production is always ready to perform outstanding and memorable production orders according to the available facilities and the high skills of academic staffs and students.

Yes, you can work as a student or a freelancer, after passing the training courses in Javan Production and getting ready to work. It is our honor to let students work and earn in their educational environment.