The Art and Architecture Campus was inaugurated in 2013 with the aim of further interaction of students with the ancient heritage of its ancestors. The campus space is centered on a valuable house of Olumi in terms of location in the historical texture of Yazd and adjacent to the Amirchakhmaq complex in Yazd. It should be mentioned that the house of Olumi belongs to the Qajar period, which was registered on August 13, 2005 with as one of the national heritage sites of Iran.
This complex with an area of ​​۳۰۰۰ m2, due to its location and artistic attractiveness, welcomes courses, meetings, specialized workshops, etc. in various fields of art, especially architecture.

  • Amirchakhmaq Square – Shahid Ahdi Alley

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۶۲۲ ۵۳۲۰

  • ۸:۰۰ – ۱۵:۰۰


  • High Wind catcher

  • Ecotourism House

  • Sunken Courtyard

  • Extensive Water Storage Tank (Abanbar)

  • Architectural workshops and studios
  • Mirbashi Garden and open amphitheater platform with a capacity of 400 people

Art and Architecture Campus Director

Abbas Zargarchi

  • PHD student in Architecture from Khatam University

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 225)

Education for Life



MohammadTaghi Yadegarian

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting


  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۶۲۲ ۵۳۲۰

Ali Najafi

  •  Diploma in Science


  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۶۲۲ ۵۳۲۰

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Assigning Offices to Students and Graduates

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Book Cafe

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