This deputy Dean is the second organizational level in the institute; which takes over part of the institute’s responsibilities. The programs and activities of Research & Education Deputy is wide and diverse, including many of the institute’s activity areas.
All the main university activities are adapted with the educational visions of Research & Education Deputy. The Research & Education Deputy Director of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute aims to develop students who, in addition to having good grades in their educational area, are committed people toward their society, as developed and well-behaving citizens. This deputy dean aligns its goals and plans with the recent educational standards.

Vice Reactor

Ahmad HajiMoradi

  • PHD Degree in Industrial Management from Yazd University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

  • Yazd

Education for Life

Main Duties

  • Supervising the educational activities of students

  • Implementing enacted guidelines and regulations

  • Handling the educational rule violations by students through the Disciplinary Committee

  • Coordination with related managers for implementing enacted educational guidelines

  • Overseeing the implementation of educational programs in departments and trying to address their educational problems

  • Evaluating the educational performance of board members and staff members for improving the quality of their activities

  • Planning and adjustment of practical guidelines and methods for implementing the regulations of University Educational Council

  • Implementing the enacted research guidelines and regulations

  • Supervising all research activities of students and lecturers

  • Supervising best implementation of enacted research contracts and plans

  • Reviewing faculty applications for using scholarships and research sabbaticals.

  • Supervising the implementation of research plans in each relevant division, and trying to address their problems

  • Motivating faculty members to do research activities, and evaluating their research performance

  • Planning and adjusting required guidelines and methodologies for enacting the acts of Research Council

Former Vice Reactor

Ghazanfar Amirjalili

PHD Degree in PhysicsEssex University UK

Vice Reactor of Research and Education

Since 2009-2019


Dariush Poursarrajian

PHD Degree in Organizational Behavior ManagementTehran University

Vice Reactor of Research and Education

Since 2019-2020