University student consultancy center was launched based on Science Ministry’s Guideline for Founding Student Consultancy Centers in 2016 under supervision of Psychology Department with this title, “Mehr Consultancy Center”. After receiving the required permissions from province’s Rehabilitation Organization, Mehr Consultancy Center entered a new phase of service-providing for the society of students, families and many other visitors from all around Yazd province.
This center created various specialist divisions along with the slogan of “Third Generation University” in order to foster practical and scientific knowledge of all educational levels of psychology in the institute, so to deliver qualified psychologists with ample practical experience who serve the society efficiently. On the other hand, by creating specialist divisions of consultancy and psychology; including departments of Family, Clinical, General, and Educational psychology; in addition to psychometry centers such as neuro-feedback, psychology laboratory, test-bank, and informative films; enjoying renowned experienced clinical and scientific professors; this university tries to offer specialist services such as psychological consultancy, psychiatry, psychometry, and group-therapy; as well as holding general and technical seminars.

  • Mehr Building, JavadolAemmeh (PBUH) St, Shahidan Ashraf Blv.

  • +98 353 828 7909

  • Mornings 8:00-14:00

  • Afternoons 16:00-20:00


Internal Centers

Psychometry and Neuro-Feedback Center

Psychometry and Neuro-Feedback Center

Enjoying a high-end neuro-feedback machine and other laboratory equipment such as Mirror Illustration Machine, Contrast and Background Images Machine, Ishihara Color-Blindness Machine, London Tower, etc.

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

This laboratory consists of various measurement software, psychology and management tests bank, and an archive of over 250 psychological movies in different classified subjects.

Specialist Game-Therapy Center

Specialist Game-Therapy Center

Children might play in a safe room under the supervision of patient and knowledgeable therapists, so to detect their possible problems and give consultancy to the child and parents about the remedy.

Seminar and Group-Consultancy Hall

Seminar and Group-Consultancy Hall

This hall hosts specialist workstations for students, public workstations and group-therapy sessions with good training equipment.

Education for Life

Mehr Consultancy Center Director

Somayeh Kahdouei

  • PHD Degree in Psychometry from Allameh Tabataba’i University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 276)

Executive Director


Roya Ayatollahi

  • Master’s Degree in General Psychology


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 241)

Samira Karami

  • PHD Degree of Educational Psychology


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 274)

Family Department

Family psychology is a specialist major; in which psychologists investigate the excitements, thoughts, behaviors and performance of individuals, couples and families while interacting with each other or with the society. When working with families, we need to know the family history, culture, ethnics, educational background, and the supportive systems around the family. A family psychologist, reviews the behavioral problems of children in family, the problems of child-pivoted families, family challenges, and health problems. Pre-marriage consultancy, marriage procedure skill development, and divorce handling are a few of the activities in this department.


  • Hosein Mahdian, PhD, Family Specialist

  • Nafiseh Hoseini, PhD, Family Specialist

  • Roya Ayatollahi, MS, Family Specialist

Educational and Training Department

Educational programming for the students of various school grades; and the students of Bachelors, Masters and PhD; consultancy and guidance about field selection or field transition; prevention of educational dump; providing educational progress solutions; teaching the best reading techniques; memory boosting; as well as developing child-training and educational patterns are among the activities of Educations Department.


  • Mohsen Mahdian, PhD, Educational/Training Specialist

  • Fahimeh Same’ee, MS, Educations Specialist

Clinical/General Department

Clinical psychology is the science of helping people get rid of anxiety and behavioral problems such as stress, concern, depression, meticulousness, and sexual disfunction. Like we refer to a specialist doctor when coming across a physical unbalance, for emotional unbalance and mis-adjusted excitements we need to seek help from clinical psychologists. Clinical psychologists use various psychiatry techniques for helping people restore to normal life. About more serious problems such as deep depression, strong suicide tendency, serious meticulousness and bipolar depression, clinical psychologists; along with psychiatrists who prescribe medicine for such people; help people know their disease and try the remedies.


  • Zahra Meidani, PhD, Clinical Psychology Specialist

  • Hosein Aboozari, PhD, Clinical Psychology Specialist

Children and Teenagers/Exceptional Children Department

One of the key phases of psychological therapies is correct and on-time diagnostic; as well as providing the proper treatment. It is difficult for parents to diagnose psychological diseases or challenges of children. On-time and right detection is the key to children’s treatment; which prevents slight challenges from developing into serious diseases. Children and teenagers consultancy, game-therapy, management of learning disfunctions, and consultancy about exceptional children are among the key activities of this department.


  • Atefeh Rezaee, MS, Children and Teenagers’ Specialist

  • Maryam Tavakkoli, MS, Game-therapist

Industrial and Organizational Department

American Psychology Association defines industrial-organizational psychology as “Scientific study of individuals’ behavior in organizations and work places”. In fact, industrial-organizational psychologists, or I/O Psychologists, use their psychological skills in order to improve work environments for businesses, private institutes and other official places. In better words, I/O psychology focuses on increasing the efficiency of work place and related issues; such as physical and mental wellbeing of staffs.


  • Mojtaba Kamarizadeh, MS, Occupational Consultancy Specialist



The phone number of Mehr Consultancy Center is +98 353 828 7909.

All services for the students of this university are subject to 40% discount and 25% discount for their families.