Rector Introduction

Dr. Dariush Poursarrajian was born in 1974 in Yazd. After gaining his high-school diploma in the field of Mathematics and Physics from the National Organization of Training Talents in Yazd (SAMPAD), graduated from Sharif University BS program of Industrial Management and then the MBA program in 1999 and 2003 respectively. He finished his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior in Management School of Tehran University.
He started his full-time cooperation with Imam Javad Higher Education Institute in February 2010 as a Board member and Management faculty member. Then in Mehr Oct. 2019, he was assigned as the Deputy Dean of Research and Education in the institute. Since early spring 2020 he has been serving as the university dean.
Dr. Pourserrajian has also had numerous practical and scientific activities including: Presidency of Yazd Technology and Science Park; state representative and the head of board of directors in Yazd Province Research and Technology Capital; budgeting and planning manager and the head of founding the first management and human sciences growth center in country in Yazd Science and Technology Park; handling the research project of The Special Zone of Science and Technology in Yazd; as well as participating in the industrial affiliates of Iran’s Organization of Industries Development and Renovation, likewise Iran Electricity Services Consultancy Engineering Company (Mashanir).

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Rector’s Words

In the Name of God, The Compassionate the Merciful

Dear Students,

Now that you have opened new frontiers of knowledge and awareness with the help and blessing of God, after years of effort and education, I congratulate you on this success. University is where you gain experience and learn. Since God blessed you the opportunity, I hope you make the most of every moment living in this place.
Although academic education is a short period in life, it is the best opportunity for integrating theoretical concepts with practical experience in order to focus on and address real-life challenges. As you entered this path fresh and energetic, I hope to see you increasingly more motivated, hard-working and committed over the course of education, and successful in personal and professional life.

Education for Life

Board of Directors Duties and Authorities

University board of directors, including university president and deputy deans, have the following duties and authorities:

  • Helping university and affiliate units to become self-contained.

  • Preparing implementation requirements for the acts from High Council of Cultural Revolution, as well as guidelines and regulations from the parent ministry

  • Supervising the implementation of board of directors’ decisions, as well as performance monitoring in university units and coordinating various divisions and deputy directors

  • Suggesting the distribution and assignment of sabbatical leave and short-term domestic or international training courses for members of faculty to Science, Research and Technology Ministry

  • Investigating and suggesting bureaucratic, financial and trade guidelines, annual budget plan, organizational chart, and the required organizational improvements for interior affairs of university, as well as offering plans and programs to be implemented by board of directors through the president

Members of Board of Directors

Dariush Poursarrajian
Dariush Poursarrajian
Mohammad Sefid
Mohammad Sefid
Representative of Founders Committee
Ahmad HajiMoradi
Ahmad HajiMoradi
Deputy Dean of Research & Education
Abbas Zargarchi
Abbas Zargarchi
Deputy Dean of Cultural and Student Affairs
Mohammad Sepehr
Mohammad Sepehr
Dean Advisor

Head of Rector Office

Maryam fadakar

  • Master’s Degree in Business Management

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

Former Deans