School Introduction

Art and Architecture School started its activities in 2014 after receiving required permissions. This school currently has three departments.
This college always tries to use best graduates of top domestic universities as professors in order to improve educational quality and transfer up-to-date knowledge to the art-lover students. Teaching the latest applied pieces of software, in addition to teaching manual techniques, and providing the most modern e-learning facilities are only a few of student benefits in the departments of this school. This school holds various extra-academic events such as national contests like National Architecture League, short-term practical courses, and in-field tours for giving better understanding of professional art and architecture to the students.
This school currently has two Master’s programs (Architectural Iranian Studies, Fabric and Clothes Design); five Bachelor’s programs (Restoration of Historical Monuments, Interior Architecture, Architecture Engineering, Visual Communications, Clothes Designing); four non-continuous Bachelor’s programs (Architecture, Visual Communications, Technology and Fashion Designing, Clothes Designing); and three Associate programs (Architecture, Graphical Designing, Fashion Designing).