According to the importance of promoting sports and physical activities; and the critical role of universities in improving physical and emotional health, as well as improving the life quality of society individuals specially students; Imam Javad Higher Education Institute in Yazd launched its Health and Wellbeing Center in 2020.
This center provides various services in the fields of sports and health, as well as fostering academic audience awareness. Since prevention is always better than treatment, nowadays there are tests and techniques designed and advised for individuals to measure their health easily and try to improve it. Knowing that, the Health and Wellbeing Center of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute in Yazd aims to prevent health risks and help treatment boosts by providing advanced equipment and facilities for exercise/sports; as well as consultancy in various fields through top graduates of sport sciences. Moreover, according to the country’s mega-policies of higher educations about developing the physical health of students in academies, this center implements the Plan of Students’ Health Monitoring.

Special Services

  • Monitoring the health of students

  • Holding university contests among staffs and students

  • Holding informative webinars about physical health of employees and students

  • Assigning the gyms to body-training classes for students

  • Providing sport consultancy to all university staffs and students

Consultancy Area

Education for Life

Health and Wellbeing Center Director

Mostafa AghaBozorgi

  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Azad University of Taft

  • 09133571220

Special Activities


Contests and sports/training courses are announced via the university’s communicational portals such as university website and “My University” telegram channel.

This center works on even days from 13:30 till 16:00 for women, and for men with prior appointments.

This center holds a wide range of sport courses such as corrective movement, ball-games, cross-fit, specialist body building, fat-burning, etc.