In consideration of its specified goal for educating expert and efficient manpower, Imam Javad Higher Education Institute established psychology major in September 2014 by obtaining the required licenses from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This major started by admitting students at Bachelor’s degree level, and became popular among the university professors and researchers within the past years by organizing practical psychology courses and presenting practical academic procedures.
Having been awarded with the license of Master’s degree of General Psychology in 2017 by the ministry of science, department of psychology managed to recruit the first group of students of Master’s degree of psychology in February 2018 through the nationwide university acceptance examination. This discipline was highly welcomed by the students throughout the nation.


Special privileges

  • Organizing scientific-educational seminars

  • Organizing monthly journal clubs

  • Organizing general and specialized workshops

  • Drawing up the structuralized instruction of professors in each academic semester

  • Promoting the qualitative level of teaching requesting the professing write the course plan

  • Equipping the psychology laboratory with the most specialized and comprehensive applications

  • Equipping the specialized section of the university central library and the specialized library of the department with psychological books to be used by professors only

  • Considering development of the practical aspects of students and training the students with sufficient practical skills to enter the labor market

  • Establishing Mehr counseling center affiliated to the University to enrich the academic and practical knowledge of the university student in psychology

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Mojgan Behrad

  • PHD Degree in Psychology from Semnan University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 276)

Samira Karami

  • PHD Degree of Educational Psychology

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 274)

Faculty Members

Mojgan Behrad
Mojgan Behrad
PHD Degree in Psychology
Semnan University
Mehdi Tavallaei
Mehdi Tavallaei
PHD Degree in Family Counseling
UPM University
Somayeh Kahdouei
Somayeh Kahdouei
PHD Degree in Psychometry
Allameh Tabataba’i University


  • Hossein Abouzari

  • Nahid Ardian

  • Roya Ayatollahi

  • Alireza Baradaran

  • Laeila BaghaePour

  • Maryam Tavakoli

  • Mojtaba Jafari

  • Negar Hosseini

  • Nafiseh Hosseini

  • Elahe DaryaPour

  • Rayan Rajabi

  • Azadeh Rahavi

  • Fahimeh Samei

  • Mahdieh ShafiNaderi

  • Somayeh Alavi

  • Mahsa KazeraniNejad

  • Samira Karami

  • Razieh Makkiyan

  • Safiyeh Mansouri

  • Hossein Mahdian

  • Mohsen Mahdian


Organizing the training course for teachers

2017 - 2020

Organizing the training course for teachers

At the request of Hazrat Javad Al Aemeh Education Complex and further to its specific needs for teachers, a contract was concluded for organizing a training course entitled Education Psychology and Management.
It should be noted that the license for organizing this open higher education course was obtained from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Attaining the 1st place in the National Competitions of Student Debate


Attaining the 1st place in the National Competitions of Student Debate

With the support of cultural and counseling affairs and through guidance of Entrepreneurship Club and department of Psychology, the students Norouzi, Moshk Abadi, Soltani, and Dehghani participated in a critical debate in two consecutive semi-final and final stages and they succeeded to defeat Farhangian and Science and Art universities and to proceed to the nationwide stage.

Implementation of the project of reasons of divorce with the collaboration of Tahkim Center


Implementation of the project of reasons of divorce with collaboration of Tahkim Center

Yazd Province Management and Planning Organization was the employer of the project. In that project executed by Imam Javad Higher Education Institute with the collaboration of some of the professors of the department managed by Dr. Tavallaei as project manager, this great research was accomplished throughout Tahkim Centers in Yazd Province.

Special Programs

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