Department of English Language started its activity as of 2011. Currently, this major has two levels, namely Bachelor’s degree and non-continuous Bachelor’s degree in the field of English language.
Since it can be said that English Language is regarded as an international communication channel, currently this field has been highly addressed. In the 21st century, information is growing at an astonishing rate in a variety of fields. Updating information requires familiarity with information technology and its language. Due to its international role, English language is of a higher importance. Use of academic sources and texts and establishment of cultural relations with other nations require the knowledge of a foreign language and the only way to achieve these goals is to be familiar with at least one widely used international language. Achievement of the above goal depends on educating efficient manpower that has the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to fulfill the role of language teaching. The department of English Language has a brilliant record at this institute in research, teaching and main areas of language teaching. Most graduates of the major “English Language Teaching” at this department are employed in the areas pertinent to teaching English language at schools and institutes. Some other graduates work in research areas and/or in various areas due to the capacity of this field to enter interdisciplinary topics.
Basics of education, learning psychology as well as national interests and resources are also addressed in choosing the courses and preparing a new curriculum for English Language Teaching field of study at Bachelor’s degree level and attempts are made to put these findings into practice.


English Language Teaching

Non-continuous Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree

The main goal of Bachelor’s degree of English Language Teaching is to educate English language teachers so that the students can get prepared for teaching by acquiring theoretical and practical skills. This major conducts research on language learning issues, studies language learning problems and impediments and provides solutions. Teaching is a major made of several sub-majors and it uses their concepts and basics. Concepts of fields such as sociology and psychology with a focus of language learning are put forth in this major. Moreover, concepts such as bilingualism, discourse analysis, teaching how to learn a second language, language policies and plans are also studied. It can be said that among all language fields, teaching major is more suitable to pursue. Students are admitted to this discipline up to Ph.D. level.
In addition to a high knowledge of general language, graduates of this discipline should also be knowledgeable of and dominant over teaching and learning issues. Therefore, the individuals who enter this major should not only be interested in English and enjoy reading English, but also should be interested in some of the psychological and teaching issues.
The market expansion, job opportunities, and gaining income in different countries, thriving market of foreign works translation, extent of foreign traffic in industry and commerce sectors, presence of English-speaking individuals in factories, departments and ministries, extensive use of internet and foreign resources in private companies and communication of these companies with the world are among the major reasons for choosing this field of study. Cooperation with international magazines and newspapers released inside the country, cooperation with IRIB in dubbing English films, cooperation with tour and travel agencies as tour leaders, cooperation with international department of companies and translation-related tasks are among other occupations of this major.
The goal of Bachelor’s degree of “English Language Teaching” is to educate teachers who acquire the capability and mastery of English teaching during the four-year period by enjoying theoretical knowledge and practical skills and who can teach English in a desirable manner and make individuals interested in learning this language by a positive attitude towards their job. Bachelor’s degree program of “English Language Teaching” includes 8 consecutive semesters and/or 4 academic years on credit-based system.
Non-continuous Bachelor’s degree program of “English Language Teaching” following the Associate program has been planned for realization of two main goals, namely educating the required professional teaching manpower to play an effective role in English language teaching at pre-university levels and training skilled manpower to assist with acquisition of updated global information in English in various scientific, social and artistic fields. Duration of nonconsecutive Bachelor’s degree of “English Language Teaching” is two years that will be put into effect in four academic semesters based on a course credit system.

Special privileges

  • Exclusive language center for teaching language in various levels

  • Organizing general and specialized courses such as general language, TOEFL, and IELTS

  • Cooperating with the center for organizing national and international English tests affiliated to the institute

  • Considerable number of English language students admitted to the university at Master’s degree level

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Arezo HajiMaghsoudi

  • PHD Degree in English Language Teaching from IAU – Science and Research Branch

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 273)

Zakiyeh Ahdi

  • Master’s Degree of Theology

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 270)


  • Sepideh Ashtari

  • Mahdieh Aram

  • AliAkbar AriaManesh

  • Majid Baraemi

  • Zahra BouAli

  • Samira Hamedi

  • Fahimeh DastgahDar

  • Saeid Zareh

  • Leila Samavarchi

  • Yasaman Shafie

  • Hadis Shahbazi

  • Azam Tamehri

  • Maryam AbdollahZadeh

  • Meisam Kouhsari

  • Ehsan MahdaviNia


Acceptance of students’ articles in conferences and journals

Several years

Acceptance of students’ articles in national and international conferences and journals

As for the subject of Research Methodology, a great number of students have been accepted by national and international conferences.

Achieving a high rank in university acceptance examination at different education levels

Several years

Achieving a high rank in university acceptance examination at different education levels

A great number of professors of the department have achieved high ranks for admission to higher academic levels, namely Dr. Forough AmirJalili who achieved a single digit rank in the nationwide university acceptance examination.

Obtaining international language certificates by professors

2016 - 2020

Obtaining international language certificates by professors

Some of the successful professors of the department have obtained international language certificates.

Outstanding activity of professors of the department in research area

Several years

Outstanding activity of professors of the department in research area

The professors of the department are quite active in research area.

Admission of students at Master’s degree level of top universities

Several years

Admission of students at Master’s degree level of top universities

Language students have always formed a considerable percentage of admitted students at Master’s degree level in popular universities.

Achieving the title of top local researcher


Achieving the title of top local researcher

Ms. Dr. Forough AmirJalili was introduced as the top local researcher of the university in 2018 and was appreciated in the Research Week event.

Translation and writing books by professors

2016, 2017, and 2020

Translation and writing books by professors

Several university books have been translated, written, and provided to the book publication market by the professors of department of language.

Special programs

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