Education department started its activities in 2005. Education Department includes departments such as Admittance and Army Service; Educational Services; and Graduates Affairs.
The Education Director of Education Department, since the start of this institute till now, has always tried to handle student affairs in shortest time in the best way. According to the high diversity of activities in this department, a few of the affairs under supervision and administration of Education Department are explained as follows.
Planning educational affairs according to the guidelines of Science Ministry and Sanjesh Organization; likewise preparing the semester calendar for every semester, all the affairs of admittance and registration of students, including both in-place and remote students, supervising the implementation of educational guidelines, and all the affairs of transmission, transfers and the Committee of Special Cases are among the activities of Educations Department.
After receiving the graduation documents from the related divisions, graduation affairs and issuing the log-sheets of balanced score, rank certificate, temporary degree, diploma, detailed scores, and sending the graduation degrees via postal service are all handled by this department.
Moreover, all the preparatory affairs of Golestan Portal for pre-registration, appraisal, main registration, dropping a course, educational leave, introduction of students to professors, etc. are managed in Educations Department.

Special Services

  • Admittance and registration of new students, receiving and filing hard-copies of documents

  • Issuing temporary student cards

  • Issuing the commands of Special Cases Committee for the students’ subject to overdue years and low-performance lay-off

  • Investigating educational challenges of students over the course of educations, through Golestan Portal

  • Planning educational affairs and publishing educational announcements over the course of semester

  • All the related affairs of student transfers

  • Investigating the imperfect documents in student files and announcing to students

  • All the affairs of talented students for admittance in higher levels without entrance exams

  • Investigating graduation documents

  • Registering graduation documents in Sajad Portal of Science Ministry for approval and receiving Completion Barcode

  • Issuing temporary graduation certificates

  • Issuing the diploma and detailed score-sheets of graduates

  • Sending graduation documents to graduates

  • Issuing and sending educational approvals and score-sheets based on the application of other universities or organizations

  • Introducing top graduates of bachelors programs to Sanjesh (National Educations Evaluation) Organization

  • Approving the translated documents of translation applicants in Sajad Portal of Science Ministry

Education for Life

Education Director

Ahmad HajiMoradi

  • PHD Degree in Industrial Management from Yazd University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

Chief Education Expert

 Education Expert

Aghdas Hosseini

  • Master’s Degree in Management of Information Technology


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 233)

Marjan Mousavi

  • Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 230)

 Education Expert

 Education Expert

Najmeh LalehZari

  • Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 231)

Vahideh HashemiPour

  • Master’s Degree in Cultural Management


  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 232)



Continuous Bachelors


Non-Continuous Bachelors




Recovering the user-name and passwords of students in Golestan portal is possible through the following methods:

  • “I forgot my password” in login form of Golestan Portal (you should have already confirmed your mobile phone number in the portal)
  • Contacting the department officers and announcing your exact student details
  • Referring to the department office and showing your student card

Since the launch of “Service Portal”, all student requests are proceeded through that system. All students should submit their requests to Service Portal after logging into Golestan Portal:

Service Portal> Personal> Request of investigating and solving educational problems. Remember, you should enter your request description in one of the four request categories. Then you press “Apply Changes” and then you select “Back”. Now you can see the submitted request. The request should be submitted by the student. In other words, after doing all above steps, the student selects “Submit” in the table, so to send the request to the related expert. Bear in mind, the request can be viewed by the student in every step. Before submission, the request can be deleted or edited. After submitting the request, the students might refer to the same path procedure for viewing the request status in Personal menu.

According to Educational Guideline, the permitted educational length for Associate, Non-continuous Bachelors and Masters are four semesters; and eight semesters for Bachelors’ degree. When the allowed period becomes overdue, the decision about extending or cancelling the program is decided by Educational Council and Special Cases Committee in the institute, which might investigate and judge the cases based on student’s request.

Associate and Bachelors students should take at least 12 units and at most 20 course units. Masters students should take at least 8 and at most 14 course units every semester.
Note 1: If the average score of a student is at least 17 out of 20, they can take up to 24 units in the next semester upon the permission of department.
Note 2: If the student has only 24 units left for graduation, they can take 24 units on the condition that their average score is higher than 10.

According to Article 8 of Educational Guideline, if a student has only 2 theoretical courses left in the last semester before graduation, upon the permission of relevant department, they can pass those two courses in the form of “Introduction to a professor”.
Note: The semester of introduction to professor is not counted among the number of educational years.

According to Article 19 of Educational Guideline, if the average marks of a student in Associate or Bachelors’ programs goes below 12, the student will be considered conditionally-passed in that semester. In the next semester, the student can take at most 14 course units.
If the average scores of a Masters student goes under 14, they are considered to be “Conditional-pass” in that semester.
Note: If a student in Associate or Non-Continuous Bachelors or Master’s program becomes conditional in two consecutive semesters, or 3 consecutive semesters in a Bachelors program, they will be dismissed from the educational program.

The students of Associate and Bachelors programs can emergency-cancel one of their Non-practical courses before the end of semester, within the schedule announced in the institutes academic calendar. This is on the condition that emergency cancelation of the course will not reduce the number of units to lower than 12.
For emergency-cancelation you can go to the following path in Golestan Portal: Registration> Cancelation> Emergency-Cancelation

Within the permitted educational years, a student in Associate, Non-Continuous Bachelors or Master’s programs can take one semester leave; and a maximum of two semesters for continuous Bachelors programs. The maximum permitted duration of maternity leave is two semesters without counting in educational years.

According to Article 17 of Educational Guideline, it is necessary for students to attend all class sessions for in-place courses.
Note 1: If a student has more than 3/16 of sessions absence, in case of non-permitted absence they will receive a zero mark, and in case of permitted absence the course will be cancelled for them.

According to Article 29 of Educations Guideline, for Masters and Continuous/Non-continuous Bachelors’ degrees a minimum of 12 average score at the end of program is necessary.
If the total student average after passing all course units in the program goes below 12, the student might have only one semester, within the maximum permitted educational years, to re-take 20 units of the courses with lower than 12 marks; and increase their average to 12 in order to become qualified for the degree; otherwise, they will be dismissed from the program.

Students might refer to Golestan educational portal, Requests menu, and ask for a student enrollment certificate, for submitting to any organization or institute. Moreover, it is possible to include educational exemption number for male students, as well as semester average mark, total average, number of passed units, and student rank among the simultaneously enrolled students by mentioning the requirements descriptions in the request form. Enrollment certificate is issued and printed every Sunday and Tuesday after submitting the request in Golestan educational portal. You can refer to the Educations Department officer for receiving the print. The certificate needs to be stamped by Educations Department for validation.

The minimum mark for passing every course is 10. The students enrolled in 2014 or later, who receive lower than pass-mark (10) in one or more courses of a semester, if they can gain the pass mark next term, their failure mark will be included in their log-sheet but not calculated in the total average marks. Only the last pass number of the course will be calculated in total program average.
Consider: For students who enrolled in 2014 or later, although the failure marks (lower 10) will not be calculated in total average and this helps increasing their total average, that will not remove their “Conditional” mode of previous semesters from the log-sheet.
Note: If someone receives 0.25 marks, this is due to the command of Disciplinary Committee for a cheating student. This mark will never be removed or excluded from the log or the total average.

All students need to complete their semester enrollment by selecting units according to the regulations of their related department. Not registering in a semester is regarded as cancelling the educational program. If a student comes across non-enrollment for any reason, they need to visit the Educations Office as soon as possible, and ask for late unit selection, if possible; otherwise request an educational leave for that semester. Obviously, the educational leave is calculated among the permitted educational years.

Primary unit selection in every semester is performed for the next term. This is not the final course selection. However, it is one of the conditions for the main registration. Students need to do the pre-registration every semester, so to help department plan the next term according to requested courses by students.