Department of Basic Science started its activity at the university as of 2011. This department was launched aiming at planning and offering service courses of basic sciences (mathematics, physics, and the corresponding laboratories) to all the faculties of this university. In 2016, this department was licensed to admit students at Bachelor’s degree level in two fields, namely sports science and biotechnology.


Physical Education and Sports Science

Bachelor’s Degree

Physical education and sports science is an interdisciplinary that benefits from various sciences to assist with sports promotion. Sports science is one of the branches of humanities linked with basic and health sciences in different aspects and it has an undeniable role in relation to physical and mental rehabilitation and improvement of people. Scope of activity and efficiency of physical education and sports science is quite extensive in education and personal and social health, so that it encompasses all age groups from prebirth to aging.
This field of study aims at orientation of students with the principles, fundamentals and general knowledge of sports science, improvement of general physical fitness and learning main motor skills in basic and specialized sports fields so that as efficient individuals they can take effective steps to approach the market. Duration of Bachelor’s degree program is four years and any additional specialty in this field is subject to higher academic degrees. It is possible to continue studies in physical education and sports science up to Ph.D. level in sports management, sports physiology, motor behavior and sports pathology majors.
Those graduates who complete sports science at Bachelor’s degree level can get engaged in various areas such as teaching physical education courses at schools and education centers, education planning and management in physical education of universities and physical education centers, conducting research and studies on physical education and sports issues at universities and research centers, serving at private medical and sports centers as well as centers for war veterans and disabled, bodybuilding coach, teacher, expert at open sports clubs, advisor in design and manufacturing of sports equipment and clothes, and correct use of sports tools.


Bachelor’s Degree

Cellular and molecular field of study enjoys a specific and top position in modern biology. In this field of study, elite researchers are trained to work in the corresponding researches in various fields of medicine, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, genetics engineering, plant breeding, fisheries, livestock, etc. To succeed in various majors of cellular and molecular biology, it is necessary to be interested in laboratory works in addition to general and common conditions of all fields, because a specialist spends most of his time at the cellular and molecular sciences laboratory. Besides, the nature of most of his routine activities such as extraction of RNA from a tissue requires a long time.
In biotechnology, courses such as biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology, etc. are taught. There are many laboratory credits in this field, which usually include bacteriology laboratory, genetics laboratory, animal and plant biology laboratory, etc.
Graduates of Bachelor’s degree of biotechnology can participate in the Master’s degree level of the ministry of science in any field of study they are interested in and they can continue their studies in the same field of microbial biotechnology. Moreover, graduates of this field can continue their studies in the sub-disciplines such as human genetics, medical biotechnology, microbiology, immunology, etc. Hence, there are several branches of biotechnology in which the corresponding graduates may continue their studies.
As for employment condition of the graduates of this field, it may be said that there are suitable employment conditions for biotechnology around the world. For example, some of the Ph.D. students of microbiology who study on microbial biotechnology are currently conducting research on salty waters of the nation such as Oroumieh Lake where the conditions for growth of creatures are quite complicated and difficult so that they can provide suitable conditions for the growth of sea creatures in the said lake by benefitting from biotechnology techniques. On the other hand, the graduates of this field can be employed as expert manpower for middle management and leading technical issues of production lines, farms and laboratories. The following jobs are directly related to this field of study and if the graduates of Bachelor’s degree get engaged in this job, they will establish the utmost connection between this field and their jobs: Teachers, researchers, knowledge-based companies, and production of biotechnology products. Moreover, jobs such as laboratory, food, medicine and health experts and vaccine and serum experts, beverages, cosmetic and hygienic experts are among the most important jobs available at the governmental organizations which are connected to this field of study.
There are suitable grounds for continuation of studies abroad in the field of biotechnology. Considering the most suitable substructures for this field abroad, the candidates may take the necessary measures to further their studies abroad. The countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark and some other European countries are quite suitable destinations for the applicants for pursing their studies abroad in the field of biotechnology.
Number of total credits for this field equals to 134 course credits including 24 general subjects, 100 specialized subjects and 10 optional subjects.

Special Privileges

  • Cooperating with Yazd Science and Technology Park

  • Benefiting from capable and experienced professors and instructors of Yazd Province

  • Cooperating with other well-equipped sport gyms across Yazd Province

  • Enjoying separate bodybuilding gyms in two floors for men and women

  • Providing the conditions for using the well-equipped facilities of other provincial universities such as Yazd University of Medical Sciences and Yazd University

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Department Expert

Samira Karami

  • PHD Degree of Educational Psychology


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