MBA Program in System Dynamics (MBA – SD), will be held at Imam Javad Institute of Higher Education with the aim of developing the businesses systemic management skills for the first time in Iran by the most experienced professors in the field of system thinking and system dynamics.
By finishing this Program, a certificate of completion (in Persian and English) will be granted to applicants.
Applicants can enroll in the entire MBA Program or in specialized SD Program or even a specific course, depending on their needs. They can also enroll in practical SD Modelling Assistance workshops (MAW).

  • One-Year MBA-SD

  • Professional Program in System Dynamics (SD)
  • Single Course

  • One-Year MBA – SD Program / Short-Term SD Program for Organizations
  • Modelling Assistance workshops (MAW)

Program Necessity and Importance


The need for practical business management course

The growth of large industries and companies and the need for participation in international markets along with the development of entrepreneurship and the growth of technology companies on one hand and the inefficiency of formal academic management courses in meeting the needs of the field have led managers toward MBA Program.
MBA Program covering various topics in the field of business including, accounting and finance, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, production and operations, human resource management, strategy, and many others, can provide significant help in starting businesses, entrepreneurship development, and survival and growth of businesses for managers.

Flexibility in Program conduction

Due to the increasing speed of events in the management field, people are not able to attend long-term Programs, so short-term and one-year training Programs in flexible hours and online are designed to solve the problem of time, which has received much attention.

System Dynamics the solution to business problems

With the advancement of technology and the development of the country, the issues of government organizations, private companies, large industries as well as small innovative companies have become very complex and intertwined. Therefore, the need to use system thinking and System Dynamics modeling (SD) and benefit from the simulation becomes essential more than ever. In response to the three mentioned needs of managers, entrepreneurs, students and industry people, the MBA Program in System Dynamics is held for the first time in Iran by Imam Javad Institute of Higher Education.

The main benefits of the Program for participants

Development of management knowledge and individual skills for productive management

Creating and expanding a business and developing entrepreneurial skills

Acquire problem-solving skills and develop system thinking

Acquisition of system dynamics modeling skills

Program target audience

  • Any individual or organization that needs a systematic analysis of their business and solving their problems

  • Senior and middle managers of large organizations and small technology companies

  • People interested in entrepreneurship and systems thinking

  • Students and researchers interested and in need of system dynamics modeling and simulation

Program Terms and Conditions

Education for Life

Content and schedule of the Apr 2022 – Mar 2023 class

The MBA Program in system dynamics with a value-creating approach for managers and creating the ability to analyze business systems will be held by Imam Javad (AS) Institute of Higher Education. In the end, participants who succeed in completing the Program under university rules will receive the certificate.

MBA Program in System Dynamics

Duration: 270 hours and 90 practical sessions

The MBA Program in System Dynamics is held over a year by offering basic, core and specialized courses.

Single course

The duration of the variable is proportional to the content of the lesson

It is possible to enroll in each of the courses offered in the MBA Program separately.

Specialized System Dynamics (SD) Program

Duration: 144 hours and 48 practical sessions

The specialized Program with SD orientation lessons is held simultaneously with the MBA Program and only with the presentation of specialized courses during one year.

Organizational Program

One year or short term

Applicant organizations can choose the one-year MBA-SD Program or the short-term SD specialized Program.

Basic Courses

Economics for Managers

Theories of Organization and Management

Financial Management and Accounting for Entrepreneurs

Creativity and Innovation

Decision Making for Managers

Main Courses

Marketing Management

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

Quality management

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship and Business Models

Specialized Courses

System Thinking

System Dynamics

Systems Dynamics Software

Group Model Building

Learning Organization

System Dynamics in Action

Program Professors

The Program instructors include the instructors of each course or the prominent professor who offers his/her skills, or an experienced person who offers practical experiences.

Special Offer

5% discount

special for early registration until February 6th

5% discount

special cash payment for the whole Program or specialized Program

4% discount

special for graduates and students of the institute

3% discount

special for members of the System Dynamics Association 

The maximum use of the discount will be 10%

Program fees and payment methods




There are two general criteria for evaluating the performance of students in these courses:
– Active attendance at course classes
– Do homework and take the final exam
Students who have actively attended classes, completed homework, and passed the final exam with a passing grade will be granted a “Certificate of Success in the Course.” Otherwise, depending on the level of attendance and the degree of success in the final exam, a “one-course success certificate” or an “attendance certificate” will be awarded.

Just registering and attending the course will not lead to receiving a certificate, and students must receive the desired score in the evaluation of courses.

Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays.

Classes are held online.

Active presence in the course classes is mandatory for all students and for this purpose the presence or absence of participants is recorded.

This is a one-year course that consists of 4 semesters and 4 lessons in each semester. Each semester usually lasts 30 to 45 days.

This course includes 6 subjects (Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics, Software Applications in Systems Dynamics, Group Modeling and Systems Dynamics in Action), each of which is offered in one semester at the same time as the MBA-SD course.

The applicant for the SD specialized course can only register for this course. Also, if he is interested in only one or more subjects of each course, he can enroll as a single subject student.

The class 1401 starts from spring (May) and ends until the winter of 1401 (February).

The whole course is the same as the MBA-SD course, which includes 5 basic subjects, 5 main subjects in business management, and 6 subjects specializing in systems dynamics.
This course is suitable for people who want to take a course in senior business management with a focus on systems dynamics but, the specialized course in systems dynamics includes only 6 subjects in systems dynamics.

The first MBA-SD course is in Persian, but if there is an applicant it is possible to hold it in English.

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