Industrial Engineering Department of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute was launched in 2011 after receiving the permissions of Science, Research and Technology Ministry by accepting 41 BS students in Industrial Engineering, as a response to the needs of various industries in the province and the country. Knowing that, this department is the first among Technical and Engineering School of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute, which accepted students in a Continuous Bachelor’s program.
Thanks to the outstanding and superb faculty members of Imam Javad Higher Education Institute, this institute widened its activities by launching the new majors of Industrial Engineering- Systems and Efficiency in 2012 and with Industrial Engineering- Industrial in 2014 as Masters’ programs.
After a few changes in the curriculum and titles of related programs of Industrial Engineering; with the approval of Science, Research and Technology Ministry; the name of Industrial Engineering- Systems and Efficiency field was changed to Industrial Engineering- Engineering Management; and the title of Industrial Engineering- Industrial field was changed to Industrial Engineering- Systems Optimization.


Industrial Engineering

Continuous Bachelor

Industrial Engineering field was launched as a response to the needs of industries, by combining various scientific areas such as management, mathematics, economy and engineering techniques. Scientific advancements and fast technological changes, likewise the increasing attention to human and social issues in the middle of last century, shifted the traditional engineering fields such as electricity, road and building development, mechanics, chemistry, etc. towards new disciplines. Since traditional fields were no longer effective in response to the needs of industrial and service organizations, Industrial Engineering arose as an interdisciplinary field of study.
Industrial Engineering is the profession of combining engineering knowledge with mathematics, economy and management in order to improve the efficiency and yield of service and manufacturing systems. The scope of activities in this major is all about improving the efficiency, adaptability, responsiveness, quality, and continuous upgrade of services and products; in addition to increasing profits, not only in industrial sectors, but also in all organizations. In every organization, systems and industrial engineering is the coordination center among all organizational elements. Although this word “Industrial” is usually associated with manufacturing companies, it is applicable to every organization and institute.
The specialist areas of activities in Industrial Engineering field include diverse disciplines such as Feasibility Studies (explanatory plan), establishment of factory or organization, designing industrial or service units and allocation of departments, logistics planning, work and time evaluation, stock control, production planning, planning systems for providing the raw materials of factory, maintenance and repair planning, quality control of product and service, management and control of projects, human-resources planning and compensation systems, engineering human factors, organization and management information systems, management and control of procedures (for both production and service sectors), budget planning and control for organizations, personal and organizational performance appraisal, systems of quality management for products and services (ISO, EFQM, risk management), etc.
Industrial Engineering field has been known as one of the top 20 most wanted jobs among employers in 2016. The prospective sectors in which industries engineers might work as specialists might include service sector; procurement sector; manufacturing industries; consultancy and engineering services; research, development and innovation sectors; commerce; etc.

Industrial Engineering- Engineering Management

Master’s Degree

Industrial Engineering as a major focuses on the key issues and challenges in the country. This major tries to deepen and widen the most up-to-date and pioneer specialties into oriented and well-programmed areas, fields and sub-majors.
Most obviously our country, Iran, experienced considerable growth in various scientific areas in the recent years and; as a phase of maturity and development; it is at the level of technology production relying on wide and diverse areas. No need to mention that Systems and Industrial Engineering plays a big role in theoretical support, resourcefulness, organization, management and engineering of this critical phase in our country’s history of economic, industrial and service development.
The aim of Master’s program in Industrial Engineering is developing the specialists who are capable of engineering, planning, optimizing and supervising the implementation of management systems in their related areas. The alumni of this program learn how to research and develop solutions for the challenges and problems in their professional subjects.
Engineering management is regarded as a particular form of management; which deals with the application of engineering principles in business experiences. This sub-major teaches the alumni to take advantage of management principles in addition to engineering techniques for addressing real-life problems in managerial, economic and commercial areas of the organizations, companies and industries who are active in engineering, technological and service segments. The graduates of this sub-major are expected to gain ample experience in applied engineering and management fields; in a way they can implement scientific management in various manufacturing and service segments of our society.

Industrial Engineering- Systems Optimization

Master’s Degree

The graduates of Systems Optimization are able to perform various duties such as modelling, project planning, and problems-review for presenting the best patterns to organizations and factories with the aim to optimize various issues such as humans, materials and machinery. They try to find reasonable relationships between the elements of all production and non-production systems with the goal of improving the yield.

Special privileges

  • Holding general, specialist and practical workstations

  • Taking advantage of the best Industrial Engineering professors in the province and in Yazd University

  • Serious attention on keeping the high quality of education in all phases and levels of study

  • Tracking the vacant positions of industries and organizations, and introducing them to the job-seeking alumni in the institute

  • Interaction with scientific associations and improving research opportunities via providing access to national and international scientific resources and knowledge bases

  • Founding the research group of Systems Dynamics, and performing applied research projects with the help of interested and capable students

  • Focusing on practical and vocational development of students in related areas, and eventually delivering graduates with ample experience in real business

  • Close interaction of the department with the province’s industries; as well as Industries and Mines Commerce Chamber in order to facilitate apprenticeship, internship and employment procedures of graduates

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Leila Tavangar

  • Master’s Degree in Industries Management from UPM University in Malaysia

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 219)

Bita Rismanian

  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 301)


Achieving the Award of the Province’s Best Researcher


Achieving the Award of the Province’s Best Researcher

Dr. Hosein Dastkhan, the Head of Industrial Management Department, won the province’s top researcher award in Research and Technology Week of 2017.

Admittance of students in Master’s program

For many years

Admittance of students in Master’s program

Almost 30% of MS graduates were accepted in various universities under supervision of Science Ministry.

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