Graphic Design Department started its activity at Associate degree as of 2010-11. Thereafter, the said Department launched its activity at Non-Continuous Bachelor’s degree in 2013-14 and it was awarded with the student admission license in 2014-15 at Bachelor’s degree in the field of Visual Communication.
Interested students in this field, holding various technical and vocational diplomas and even Bachelor’s degree in other fields choose the School of Art and Architecture to further their studies for completion of their expert knowledge. From among the major facilities of this Department, we may point out the workshops equipped with computer systems and systemic presentation equipment, printing workshop, sculpture workshop and photographic laboratory. Students of this field may get engaged in various cultural and art activities through assistance of prominent and expert professors in form of organizing festivals, expos, training workshops in graphic design (such as logo design, printing, packaging, poster, environmental graphic design, motion graphics, brand design, etc.) and thereafter, they will be recruited by education centers and the market. Teaching various and updated graphic softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffect, etc., is included in the curriculum of the Department and all members of the Department try utmost to promote talents and skills of aesthete and creative students of this field.
Fortunately, considering their skills and training achieved during the education period, the graduates of this field are able to earn income in the area of graphic and printing works and in such fields as jewel design, sculpture, decorative works, webpage design, textile printing, etc. Output results of the graduates of this field reveal that a great number of students graduated and were recruited by the market. Fortunately, due to extensive area of activity of these graduates, they are working at public and private sectors or at private practice offices.


Special privileges

  • Enjoying equipped photography workshop

  • Enjoying audiovisual site

  • Benefiting from expert professors for education

  • Organizing academic visitations during each semester

  • Design workshop equipped with desirable facilities

  • Student work at graphic workshop

  • Using computer workshop systems

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Fahimeh ErfanRaad

  • Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from University of Tehran

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 298)

Faezeh Faghih

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 296)

Faculty Members

Fahimeh ErfanRaad
Fahimeh ErfanRaad
Master’s Degree in Visual Communication
University of Tehran


  • AliReza Danafar

  • Golnaz Raadmehr

  • Mobin Zakikhani


Painting Exhibition of Mr. Mehdi Mirzaei’s Calligraphy


Painting Exhibition of Mr. Mehdi Mirzaei’s Calligraphy Under the Title of “Aftabi Lab-e Dargah”

Painting works of Master’s calligraphy were displayed at Negar Gallery in Tehran.

Group Exhibition of Students


Group Exhibition of Ms. Sahar Sadeghieh and Ms. Yeganeh Kowsar Under the Title of “Marg-e Mahiha”

Dissertation works of the aforesaid students addressing women were displayed at Behesht-e Honar.

Performance Art


Performance Art - Sahar Sadeghieh

Work title: “Sokout-e Siah” addressing the social harms of women

Special Programs

Picture Gallery