Financial Management Department comprises “Financial Management”, “Insurance Management”, and “Banking Affairs Management” fields. The university was licensed to present “Banking Affairs Management” discipline as of 2013. Moreover, this university succeeded to obtain the licenses to present “Financial Management” and “Insurance Management” fields as of 2018 and 2019, respectively.


Special Privileges

  • Benefitting from professors with practical experiences in specialized areas

  • Using the constructive suggestions and critics of the students for planning the department

  • Establishment of communication among capable graduates with skills in financial and industrial fields

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Ahmad HajiMoradi

  • PHD Degree in Industrial Management from Yazd University
  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 225)

Zakiyeh Ahdi

  • Master’s Degree of Theology

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 270)

Faculty Members

Mohammad Sepehr
Mohammad Sepehr
Master’s Degree of Economic Science
Yazd University


  • Habib Ansari

  • Mahdi Taghavi

  • Mahnaz Tavakoli

  • MohammadReza Jafari

  • Hasan HatamiNasab

  • Fatemeh Dastjerdi

  • Ali Delshad

  • Jafar Rahmani

  • Abolfazl Sherafat

  • HamidReza ShokriZadeh

  • Hamid Salehi
  • Ali Saffari

  • MohammadAli Vahdat


Organizing the exhibition of research achievements


Organizing the exhibition of research achievements

All the research achievements of professors and students of the department of management were viewed by the visitors.

Planning Manager’s day and commemoration of Amir Kabir


Planning Manager’s day and commemoration of Amir Kabir

A seminar was held on management. Other programs were performed in form of displaying managerial films and cultural programs for the students of department of management.

Special programs

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