The first group of students joined the Department of Clothing Design and Sewing at Associate degree and Bachelor’s degree levels as of 2010. The students who are interested in this dynamic art major are admitted to this field of the school of art holding various technical and vocational and theoretical high school diplomas and even sometimes Bachelor’s degree in other fields to complete their specialized information. Students have also been admitted to “Fabric and Clothing Design” at Master’s degree level since 2015.
During the period of their 2-4 years of study, the students interested in design and production of clothing and clothing essentials become familiar with clothing design for children, adolescents, women and men, theater and occupations. Moreover, single and series garment production, working with specialized garment cutting and sewing tools, fabric production, types of manual and industrial printing are all among the list of courses of this academic department. Theoretical issues of art branch include historical and contemporary arts, popular clothing designers, identification of fabrics and fibers, management of production and entrepreneurship. A great number of intra-university and extra-university competitions have been so far held. Presentation of produced goods in each semester have also been among the current directives of the Department and have been welcomed by the visitors. Office of the Department provides the conditions for introducing top students and graduates to specialized production centers. Talented and diligent students can be introduced to the best production centers as before. Establishment of personal brands and home production workshops were among the goals of some of the students of this discipline already achieved by them. If an individual is interested to get involved in production and income generation personally and with a relatively small capital, he/she will be offered to study in clothing design and design and sewing majors. The interested individuals can get engaged in one of the most lucrative employment fields in the nation. Due to its growing, dynamic and various market, this field is known as one of the most distinguished fields in the nation.


Design and Sewing

Associate Degree

Associate degree program in Design and Sewing has been developed following vocational school studies under revised syllabus and it provides suitable ground for educating a technician of pattern design, cutting and sewing.

Design and Sewing Technology

Non-Continuous Bachelor’s Degree

Non-Continuous Bachelor’s Degree program with 80 course credits has been developed following the Associate degree program. During this program, complementary education is presented for patternmaking and modeling for women’s clothes. Adding theoretical courses to this education level results in mental development of students.

Clothing Design

Non-Continuous Bachelor’s Degree

This field of study has been developed for those who are interested in specialized clothing field. Furthermore, the said field is considered as an introduction to clothing engineering that is highly welcomed by local craftsmen and producers. In this program that is presented at Associate degree level, 70 course credits have been defined during which students will become familiar with all introductory concepts of clothing and they will easily be employed at factories and knowledge-based companies and even they may work as self-employed (entrepreneurs).

Clothing Design

Bachelor’s Degree

This four-year course of studies is among the most popular fields in the art branch. Further to learning the principles of clothing design for various age groups and differential social groups considering their physical and spiritual needs, students of clothing design will become familiar with the most modern and updated methods of pattern design and acquire adequate skills for drawing the patterns, cutting and sewing.
Work with various materials that will be later used in designing types of clothing, learning the techniques of printing and fabric weaving as well as theoretical principles required in clothing design are among the course titles which are included in the curriculum of this field.

Fabric and Clothing Design

Master’s Degree

If the holder of a Bachelor’s degree is willing to expand his/her theoretical knowledge or develop his/her business in the field of branding, designing and producing of clothing, he/she must pursue her studies at Master’s degree in Fabric and Clothing Design. In this program which is quite suitable for the holders of Bachelor’s degree in various fields of art depending on their interests, students will deal with both theoretical and practical subjects.
Theoretical subjects of this field refer to fashion management, research in clothes and fabrics, recognition of fibers, fabrics and specialized clothing machinery and practical courses imply the specialized workshops of fabric design, fabric weaving and printing and application of computer in all areas.

Special Privileges

  • Materialization of mental ideas in an applied form

  • Realization of personal, family or group needs

  • Direct income generation by graduates

  • Creation and development of creativity among the graduates

  • Working at home individually or as teamwork

  • Educating and creating real conditions that exist in industry for students

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Ehsan ZarrinAbadi

  • PHD Degree in Textile Chemistry at IAU, Yazd Branch

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 299)

Faezeh Faghih

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 296)

Faculty Members

Mehdi Aman
Mehdi Aman
PHD Degree in Handicrafts
University of Tehran
Bayeneh Olia
Bayeneh Olia
Master’s Degree in Handicrafts
University of Art-Tehran
Raheleh DehghanTalebi
Raheleh DehghanTalebi
Master’s Degree in Industrial Design
University of Science and Technology
Ehsan ZarrinAbadi
Ehsan ZarrinAbadi
PHD Degree in Textile Chemistry
IAU, Yazd Branch


  • Mahboubeh Ahmadi

  • GolamHossein ArkanZadeh

  • Majid Asadi

  • Zakiyeh AmirAnsari

  • Meysoun Abdanani

  • Atousa AyatiZadeh

  • Yasaman Jalili

  • Ghazaleh ChizariFard

  • Khandan HaeriNiya

  • Mahdi Atefi

  • Mansoureh Fallah

  • Fatemeh Falahati

  • Erfan Kouchaki

  • Fariba Mahboubiyan

  • Marzieh Mohammadi

  • Mohammad Mirjalili

  • Rostam Namiranian


Achieving “Top Rank” in National Contests of Fabric and Clothing


Achieving “Top Rank” in National Contests of Fabric and Clothing

Two groups of students of at different education levels were distinguished in the 4th National Student Contests of Fabric and Clothing Engineering and Art Design.

Performance Art


Performance Art

 Practical part of the dissertation of Ms. Parisa Torki, a student in Clothing Design has been developed on the basis of “Resistive Economy and Objecting to Import of Clothing Consumed by the Iranians”.

Admission of the students to the National Contest of Clothing Design


Admission of the students to the National Contest of Clothing Design

Shabahang Kavir Group consisting of three students supervised by Mr. Ali Sharifi attained a place at the introductory stage of these contests addressing design, sewing, fabric weaving and making men’s coats and jackets and was admitted to the next stage.

Attaining the Second Place at National Fadjr Festival


Attaining the Second Place at National Fadjr Festival in “Manteaus for Special Occasions”

Ms. Fatemeh Yaghmaei, a student of Bachelor’s degree in Sewing Design attained the Second Place at this Festival in the field of “Manteaus for Special Occasions”.

Special Programs

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