Department of Education Science was awarded with a license by Ministry of Science in 2013 and launched its activity in the field of Education and Human Resource Improvement. At first, this field was included in the sub-department of the Management School. As of the year 2017 and upon transfer of this field to the separate department of Education Science, this department has been officially separated. At next stages and upon joining the field of education science majoring elementary education at Master’s degree level in 2019-20 and besides the field of Education Science majoring Education and Human Resource Improvement, this department has managed to enrich the academic studies to a great extent. Presently, recruiting prominent and top professors from the accredited universities and by organizing various education courses, this Department warmly welcomes the students.
The field of Education Science is among the field of humanities that deals with human education aspects and the relevant knowledge. Concerning the fact that this field is profoundly concerned about humans and their behavior and learning, the students of the said field should necessarily enjoy great capabilities such as high human relations, principles of education management and sociology and also, they enjoy great creativity and excellent rhetoric.


Special Privileges

  • Preparing a structured instruction for evaluation of professors during each academic semester

  • Attending to educating the practical aspects and educating skillful students to enter the market

  • Promoting the qualitative level of teaching by requesting the professors to write the course plan

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Mojgan Behrad

  • PHD Degree in Psychology from Semnan University

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 276)

Samira Karami

  • PHD Degree of Educational Psychology

  • +98 353 828 1200-3 (extension 274)

Faculty Members

Kazem Alavi
Kazem Alavi
PHD Degree in Education Science
University of Shiraz


  • Mansour Arjmandi

  • Taghi JabariFar

  • Mahdi Sabokro

  • MohammadAli Toufan

  • Maryam FakhimPour

Special Programs