Department of Business Management includes business fields (majoring Finance) and Entrepreneurship (majoring Tourism) at Master’s degree level, fields of Small Business and Industrial Management at Bachelor’s degree level and Industrial Management at non-continuous Bachelor’s degree. Department of Business Management encompasses a collection of approved fields which is quite unique in Yazd Province. Considering the industrial nature of Yazd Province and registration of its historical texture in UNESCO world heritage list, fields of this department have a desirable position at the market of Yazd Province. To quickly recruit the graduates at the provincial labor market, much attention has been paid to the promotion of academic and practical skills of students, and the department benefits from the professors who do believe in this important fact.
The university was licensed to present the Associate degree of administrative affairs as of 2011, and the Bachelor’s degree and non-continuous Bachelor’s degree levels of Industrial Management as of 2006 and 2009, respectively. The license to present the field of Small Business Management at Bachelor’s degree level was awarded to the university as of 2020. Moreover, the university was awarded with the licenses for presentation of Master’s degree program of Entrepreneurship Management (majoring tourism) in 2016 and Business Management (majoring finance) in 2017.


Administrative Affairs

Associate Degree

Due to the need of industrial, service, commercial and governmental units in administrative affairs, it is necessary to educate efficient manpower in this specialized field. Hence, the Associate degree program was designed in consideration of the requirements of the aforesaid units. The major privilege from which the graduates of the said field enjoy is that in addition to orientation with the above techniques and management principles, they also learn correct ways of communicating with the clients and they will establish suitable grounds for quick and precise fulfillment of people’s demands.
Faculty of management started admitting students in the said field at Associate degree level as of the first semester of academic year 2011-12.

Industrial Management

 Non-continuous Bachelor’s Degree – Continuous Bachelor’s Degree

Industrial management field of study enjoys three major aspects, namely technical, financial, and socio behavioral. Technical aspect is presented in operational research and project control courses. Financial aspect is presented in courses such as cost accounting and financial management. Socio behavioral aspect is presented in courses such as organizational behavior, human resource management and theories of management. However, some of the courses of this major such as production and operations management deal with all the three aspects.
Industrial management field of study is the same as management of various issues in industry. The graduates of this field are able to perceive the surrounding conditions and to establish a suitable connection with their colleagues to further the organization towards a direction proportional to its goals. The graduates of this field get prepared for management of industrial units, project management and control, production management and planning, quality control management, etc.
Duration of this program at non-continuous Bachelor’s degree is 2 years. Duration of this program at continuous Bachelor’s degree is 4 years.

Small Business Management

Continuous Bachelor’s Degree

In most of the advanced countries, small businesses are of great importance because they are simply formed, have high flexibility, easily adapt to the conditions and they do not charge much establishment and maintenance cost.
Due to orientation with different parts of a small business such as financial issues, marketing, supply chain, firm management, etc., graduates of this field have a suitable potential for establishment of a company or undertaking its management.
Nature and contents of this field of study as an interdisciplinary subject have been designed in such a way that in addition to the interested students, it is quite attractive and applicable for other groups such as experienced experts of the organizations, production industries, business owners and managers of micro businesses and trade units, the organizational interested individuals who are willing to acquire academic knowledge after achieving the practical experience in their concerned field.
Duration of this course at Bachelor’s degree level is 4 years.

Business Management majoring in Finance

Master’s Degree level

It can be said that the most widely used and popular major in MBA is finance. In this major, financial and economic issues related to organizations and companies are examined, and individuals learn how to solve the financial problems of their concerned organization, manage the body of assets and supply the organizational capital and on the whole, it will lead to the growth of the company from the financial and capital aspect.
Graduates of this field may get engaged in the capital market. Various financial institutions such as banks, credit institutions, stock market, and insurance companies form the main areas of activity in financial field. For example, they can work at various sections in the stock market. From purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and research on companies to policymaking in exchange organization, all may be job opportunities related to financial management.
In addition to capital market, the graduates of this field and major can work in various positions of financial management at public and private organizations.
Duration of this program at Master’s degree level is 2 years.

Entrepreneurship Management – majoring Tourism

Master’s Degree

Entrepreneurship field of study which has been recently presented in our country is a popular and accredited field of study throughout the world. The goal of this field is to educate creative and entrepreneur managers who identify new areas of business and direct the organization towards progress through collaboration of other managers. In a world where entrepreneurship deals with introducing new horizons ahead, entrepreneur managers will be undoubtedly the driving force of economy and the key to the organizational success.
The goal of this major is to educate entrepreneurs who are capable of establishing businesses in the fields of tourism, marketing of domestic and international tourism activities who are at the same time familiar with information systems and legal issues concerning tourism.
The graduates of this major can serve in such positions as individual entrepreneurs, advisor, and entrepreneurship experts in tourism.
Duration of this program at Master’s degree level is 2 years.

Special Privileges

  • Benefitting from professors with practical experience in specialized areas

  • Benefitting from constructive suggestions and critics of students in planning by the department

  • Establishing connections between the active and motivated graduates in the fields of industrial management, small businesses, financial business and the industry

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Ahmad HajiMoradi

  • PHD Degree in Industrial Management from Yazd University

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 225)

Zakiyeh Ahdi

  • Master’s Degree of Theology

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 270)

Faculty Members

Solaleh Shahvazian
Solaleh Shahvazian
PHD Degree in Behavioral Management
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Ahmad HajiMoradi
Ahmad HajiMoradi
PHD Degree in Industrial Management
Yazd University


  • Habib Ansari

  • Mahdi Taghavi

  • Mahnaz Tavakoli

  • MohammadReza Jafari

  • Hasan HatamiNasab

  • Fatemeh Dastjerdi

  • Ali Delshad

  • Jafar Rahmani

  • Abolfazl Sherafat

  • HamidReza ShokriZadeh

  • Hamid Salehi
  • Ali Saffari

  • MohammadAli Vahdat


Release of a student publication

2012 - 13

Release of a student publication by the Student Management Academic Association

نStudent publications entitled “Hello Manager” with relevant contents to industrial management were released by the students of industrial management.

Holding a specialized seminar


Holding a seminar on “The Role of Digital Development in Supply Chain Management”

In the seminar, Dr. JafarNezhad from Tehran University was invited to deliver a lecture.

Holding the exhibition of research achievements of professors and students


Holding the exhibition of research achievements of professors and students by the Student Management Academic Association

In that exhibition, all research achievements of professors and students of management department were presented to the visitors.

The program of Manager’s Day and Commemoration of Amir Kabir


The program of Manager’s Day and Commemoration of Amir Kabir

A seminar was held on management. Moreover, other programs were performed in form of displaying managerial films and cultural programs for the students of management department.

Special Programs

Picutre Gallery