Department of Business Administration comprises Business Administration field of study at non-continuous Bachelor’s degree and Bachelor’s degree levels and fields of Commerce, majoring E-commerce and Human Resource Management, majoring Strategic Human Resource Management at Master’s degree level.
Department of Business Administration of this university was licensed to present Business Administration at non-continuous Bachelor’s degree and Bachelor’s degree levels in 2009 and 2018, respectively. Moreover, this university was licensed in 2014 to present Business Administration, majoring E-commerce at Master’s degree level and then, it was licensed in 2020 to present Human Resource Management, majoring Strategic Human Resource Management at Master’s degree level accordingly.


Business Administration

Non-continuous Bachelor’s Degree, Continuous Bachelor’s Degree

In the recent years, Business Administration as a field of study has been highly welcomed by the participants applying for university admission. An organization can establish a desirable business relationship between its customers and buyers if and when it benefits from a successful business administrator. Skills such as marketing, branding, business, export, etc. are acquired in this field.
Graduates of this field can be employed at public and private firms in the fields of marketing, sale, planning, market research and consultation activities. It is possible to continue studies in this field up to Ph.D. level.
Duration of this program at Bachelor’s Degree and non-continuous Bachelor’s Degree levels is given as 4 and 2 years respectively.

Business Administration- E-commerce

Master’s Degree

E-commerce as one of the significant concepts of communication and information technology has always been emphasized by experts and it has quickly replaced the traditional commerce. Many countries have made its use a top priority in their business strategies. Sale, purchase and dealing any kind of goods, services and/or information through computer networks or conducting commercial exchanges in an electronic form refer to the definitions given for e-commerce.
The goal of this course is to provide an appropriate perception of the technologies relevant to computer networks, skills of design and producing web-based multimedia systems to be distributed across the network and knowledge about tools and methods required for changing the commercial and management duties by conducting electronic transactions. Master’s Degree program in the field of e-commerce creates efficient graduates who enjoy technical and creative knowledge so that they will use the great potential of marketing in computerized networks and developing modern electronic businesses.

Graduates of this field become e-businessmen/women who can create an online store on the web and look for customers worldwide. In addition, owners of such shops can seek for suppliers of shop materials, accounting, banking services, governmental departments and their competitors in internet.
Duration of this program is 2 years at Master’s degree level.

Human Resource Management – Strategic Human Resource Management

Master’s Degree

Human Resource Management and Staff Department is a term put forth as of the 1970s. Expressing human issues, experts use different terms such as Staff Department, Human Resource Management, Staff Affairs Department, Human Capital and Resource Management. Some researchers believe that these terms are all synonyms and use them in the same meaning. Some others consider Staff Department as a part of Human Resource, and as a human resource task, they define it as the hiring process of expert staff, choosing employment candidates, recruitment of staff of other organizations through transfer, promotion or degradation, administration of separation of staff from organization based on resignation, expulsion or retirement. The most updated viewpoint on manpower management was put forth in the 1980s as Human Resource Management and Staff Department. Based on this viewpoint, Human Resource Management and Staff Department include identification of the significance of an organization’s manpower as a vital element for acquisition of organizational goals and multiple usage in human resource activities and functions, so that it guarantees the personal interests of staff, organization and society effectively and fairly.
The essential concept of Strategic Human Resource Management is based on this assumption that human resource strategy promotes the company’s strategy on the one hand, and it is also influenced by that strategy on the other hand.
Graduates of this field can play an effective role in various positions at public or private organizations. Chief executive officers, vice-president for administrative and human resources, advisors to management and human resource expert, public relations managers and the ones are among the positions that can be occupied by the graduates in this field.
Duration of this course at Master’s degree is 2 years.

Special Privileges

  • Benefiting from the professors with academic experience in specialized fields

  • Benefiting from useful suggestions and criticisms from the students for planning the Department

  • Benefiting from faculty members involved in executive issues of various industries and governmental organizations of Yazd Province

  • Enjoying skills-based approach in presentation of courses for transfer of knowledge and skills to the students simultaneously

Education for Life

Dean of Department

Department Expert

Ahmad HajiMoradi

  • PHD Degree in Industrial Management from Yazd University

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 225)

Zakiyeh Ahdi

  • Master’s Degree of Theology

  • +۹۸ ۳۵۳ ۸۲۸ ۱۲۰۰-۳ (extension 270)

Faculty Members

Mona EsmailZadeh
Mona EsmailZadeh
PHD Degree in Business Administration
Yazd University
Dariush Poursarrajian
Dariush Poursarrajian
PHD Degree in Organizational Behavior Management
University of Tehran
Masoud Hakkaki
Masoud Hakkaki
DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
Bahar Institute


  • Habib Ansari

  • Mahdi Taghavi

  • Mahnaz Tavakoli

  • MohammadReza Jafari

  • Hasan HatamiNasab

  • Fatemeh Dastjerdi

  • Ali Delshad

  • Jafar Rahmani

  • Abolfazl Sherafat

  • HamidReza ShokriZadeh

  • Hamid Salehi
  • Ali Saffari

  • MohammadAli Vahdat


Organizing the Sale Festival


Organizing the Sale Festival through collaboration of Entrepreneurship Unit

Sale Festival was held at the University aiming at promotion of advertising, marketing and business skills of students by organizing pavilions for sale of student products.

Organizing the Seminar on Purposeful Life


Organizing the Seminar on Purposeful Life

This seminar was held by the students of business administration, Mr. Hashem Velayati.

Special Programs

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